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While reading this book, all readers will begin to relate by being able to separate themselves from the world and realizing the physical characteristics that they think are bad, are actually good. What makes them different, is what makes them special. Follow Sarah’s journey as her mother Grace and her best friend Ella Jane help her realize that being different is something that you have to embrace and that you can be beautiful on the inside and out, as long as you know from within. As little girls grow into teens and then adults, it is important for them to know how to walk, talk, and care about themselves. They need to know how to carry themselves in a manner that demands respect without them having to say a word, and people should see the GLOW of God all over them. People should RESPECT them and understand that if God doesn’t give up on you, you owe it to Him not to give up on yourself. He has placed us on earth for a purpose, not to fulfill someone else’s dream but to conquer our own while being polished with poise and professionalism.

eBook Pretty To See, Hard To Catch!


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