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Katrina Michele is the Founder and CEO of Lady-Like Enterprises, Butterfly Outreach, in Greenville, SC. Lady~Like Enterprises, Butterfly Outreach is a non-profit organization that is tax except and that was created to teach and uplift all females, ages 2 and up, on self-worth and lady~like tips. Her purpose is to be proactive about situations regarding women, before it’s too late. There are so many outreaches in existence to assist women, after they are a victim of domestic violence, after they are addicted to drugs, after they have been raped, after they have been bullied, after they have attempted suicide, after a teenage pregnancy, and sadly, after DEATH.


She hopes that by being proactive and passionate about her movement, #LADYLIKE’s message will not just stop in Greenville but will reach the world. As little girls grow into teens and then adults, it is important for them to know how to walk, talk, and care about themselves. They need to know how to carry themselves in a manner that demands respect without them having to say a word, and people should see the GLOW of God all over them. People should RESPECT them and understand that if God doesn’t give up on you, you owe it to Him not to give up on yourself. He has placed us on earth for a purpose, not to fulfill someone else’s dream but to conquer our own while being polished and with poise and professionalism.


The topics that she is passionate about and have received divine direction to address include:


  1. Self-Worth and Self-Respect

  2. Lady-Like tips

  3. Relationships vs. Just Because Situations

  4. Personal Status vs. Social Media Status

  5. Lady~Like vs. Gentleman~Like


Mission: Continue to keep #GODFIRST and remain #LADYLIKE and you will always be on top!

Non-Profit Organization: Lady~Like Enterprises, Butterfly Outreach
*** Tax Exempt 501(c)3
CEO & Founder: Katrina Michele Gregory
Facebook: LLE, Butterfly Outreach
Instagram: katrinamichele_presents
Phone: 770-408-8619
Address: L.L.E., Butterfly Outreach
C/O Katrina Michele Gregory
P.O. Box 1275
Taylors, SC 29687
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