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ADE Seth Feliciano

Founder and Dream Maker of Dragonfly Outreach Outstanding Youth Awards 2017 Entrepreneur of the Year

ADE Seth Feliciano, is the 12-year-old Founder and Dream Maker of Dragonfly Outreach Non-Profit Organization. ADE has always dreamt of making a difference and having an impact on others since a very young age. ADE is God fearing and has a heart of gold. Dragonfly Outreach was created to uplift all Dragonflies across the world and to bring awareness to being a Leader, not a Follower, Self-Worth, and carrying yourself like a #Gentleman. It goes further than being an entrepreneur, ADE is an Honor Roll student that has been inducted into the BETA club at his middle school and wants all Dragonflies to know that SCHOOL IS COOL. He is also an athlete and an inspired trumpet player.


ADE wants young boys and teens to know that they are special and that everyone has a purpose here on earth, according to GOD. He also speaks on being able to know that it is a time and a place for certain attire and that you want to always make a good first impression because people will judge, even when they shouldn’t.


ADE has volunteered at a number of events and loves every minute of it.
He has partnered up with the Greenville County’s Sheriff’s Department with their Adopt-A-Cop program. They came across ADE’s Dragonfly’s Instagram and wanted to work with him in making a difference in the community. After meeting with the Master Deputy, we learned about Adopt-A-Cop. Not only did ADE want to adopt a cop, he knows that his mother, Katrina Michele does not like dogs, and he will not be able to get one, so he requested a cop and the K9. The Outreach was told that it couldn’t happen because they were all taken. A few weeks later, they received a call that the Sherriff’s office found Dragonfly Outreach an Officer and a K9 named Matis. So, he has a dog! His officer has reached out to him and wants to bring Matis to his next event! ADE’s purpose for adopting the Cop and K9 is to bring awareness to the community that all cops are not bad and bringing awareness to cops that all minorities are not bad.


Dragonfly Outreach has held a number events for the community for young men to make a difference in their lives.
In conclusion, ADE Seth is not only a dream maker, but one who chasing his dreams to make them come true. In the words of ADE, “DREAM BIG!”

Non-Profit Organization: Dragonfly Outreach
***501(c)3 under Lady~Like Enterprises, Butterfly Outreach
Founder and Dream Maker: ADE Seth Feliciano
CEO: Katrina Michele Gregory
Facebook: Dragonfly Outreach
Instagram: ade_1018
Phone: 770-408-8619
Address: Dragonfly Outreach
C/O Katrina Michele Gregory
P.O. Box 1275
Taylors, SC 29687
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